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JC Religious Education
JC Religious Education
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Religion keywords.

Belief - an idea that people think is true and they trust.

Worldview - the way we look at the world and what we think is important in life.

Faith - a set of beliefs about the world that are connected to a particular religion also an individual's trust that their religious beliefs are true.

Secular - not connected or associated with a religion.

The divine - God or Gods or something higher than human life.

Sacred - something holy connected to a religion.

Denomination - a religious group that has different beliefs and practices from other groups even though... (More)

Religious keywords

Anoint - to pur oil on someone's head for a special reason, often as a part of a religious ritual.

Psalms - Poems or songs used to worship God.

Sin - An action that is against God's law and that can damage a person's relationship with God.

Repent - to regret a sin and try not to do it again.

Temple - a place of worship.

Ark of the covenant - a chest containing the two tablets of the Ten commandments.

Hanukkah- the Jewish festival that celebrates the Jews getting back their freedom and their temple.

Messiah - the... (More)

The ten commandments

  1. "I am the lord your God , you shall not have any other gods before me".
  2. "You shall not take the name of the lord your God in vain."
  3. "Remember to keep holy the sabbath day"
  4. "Honour your father and mother".
  5. "You shall not kill".
  6. "You shall not commit adultery".
  7. "You shall not steal".
  8. "You shall not bate false witness against your neighbour ".
  9. "You shall not covet your neighbour's wife".
  10. "You shall not covet your neighbour's goods". 

Monotheistic religions are religions where the believers in that religion believe that only one God is responsible for everything for example Christianity while polytheistic religions believe in multiple Gods for example Hinduism.