Belief - an idea that people think is true and they trust.

Worldview - the way we look at the world and what we think is important in life.

Faith - a set of beliefs about the world that are connected to a particular religion also an individual's trust that their religious beliefs are true.

Secular - not connected or associated with a religion. 

The divine - God or Gods or something higher than human life.

Sacred - something holy connected to a religion.

Denomination - a religious group that has different beliefs and practices from other groups  even though they share the same religion. 

Humanism - a belief that humans can live a good and happy lives and find meaning to them without religious beliefs. 

Symbol - a picture, an image ,an object or an action that represents something  else , such as an idea an organisation or quality.

Rituals - the tradition, habits and actions that are repeated in a family community or society and have a special meaning to them.

Values - the things that you consider most important in life and that guides your behaviour.