Middle Way: the middle way means finding happiness between extreme luxury and extreme hardship. It is about living a balanced life. 

Nirvana: nirvana is being in a state of perfect happiness and peace. It is a feeling of freedom. Nirvana can be reached by following the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and the Five Precepts. 

The Four Noble Truths:

1. life is full of suffering. People cannot always be happy. 

2. the main cause of suffering is desire and greed. 

3. people can reach nirvana by not being greedy and selfish towards others. 

4. the Middle Way is the path to true happiness. 

The Eightfold Path: the eight guides for following the Middle Way.

1. right understand (think about what we are doing with our lives). 

2. right thought/attitude (be compassionate rather than selfish). 

3. right speech (speak the truth and avoid gossip). 

4. right action (help others, don't harm living things or the environment). 

5. right work/livelihood (do somethig useful, avoid jobs that harm others).  

6. right effort (be positive and honest in your thoughts). 

7. right mindfulness (be aware of what you feel, think and do). 

8. Right concentration (calm your mind by practicing meditation and focus on the present moment). 

The Five Precepts: this is a moral code that contains the basic rules for a living a good life for Buddhists. 

1. do not harm or kill living things. 

2. do not take things unless they are freely given. 

3. be content with a simple way of life. 

4. do not speak unkindly or tell lies. 

5. do not abuse drugs or drink alcohol 

Rebirth: Individuals go through many cycles of birth, living, death and rebirth. After many cycles a person may reach nirvana if they practise the Eightfold Path and The Five Precepts.