Hinduism was founded in India in 2000 BCE. 

Brahman: Brahman is a supreme soul or spirit that has no shape or form. Hindus believe that everything in the universe flows from Brahman. 

Polytheistic: there are many Hindu gods and goddesses, so Hinduism is an example of polytheism, which means believing in more than one god. The gods and goddesses, represent different parts of Brahman's power and character.  

The three most important gods are: 

Brahma: the god who created the world. Identified with four arms. His four arms face different directions, showing he is everywhere. 

Vishnu: the god who protects people from evil and wrongdoing. He is an avatar, which means he has taken on both human and animal forms. 

Shiva: the god who destroys and rebuilds. He has three eyes, symbolizing the moon, sun and fire. 

Dharma:  Hindus believe that they must always do what is right and correct for themselves. Every form of life and every group of people has it's own dharma. 

Samsara: samsara is the belief that when you die  your soul is reborn in another body as an animal or as a person. You are reborn over and over until you become perfect

Karma:   karma means that when you do good, good will come your way if you do bad, bad will follow you

The Vedas:  the Vedas are Hindu sacred texts that teach and guide Hindus on how they should live their lives.

Shrine:  most Hindus have a shrine or a small altar in their home to their favourite god. They pray and meditate at it an oven burn incense and light candles

Vegetarians:  most most Hindus are vegetarians because of their belief in reincarnation. Cows are considered to be very special as there milk gives nourishment.