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JC Science
Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi there! I have been asked to choose between Combined or triple science for GCSE. I am in middle set and fairly confident with science. However, I’m fully aware science gets much more difficult when taught in depth. I haven’t really been through science in much detail. And I hardly know what chemistry really is. And I’m afraid to choose the wrong option for me. I need to complete a form with my options, relatively soon. Once I choose, I can’t back out. Very few people in my set were given the opportunity to perhaps consider triple. But I was one of them and always belittled for my math ability. My science teacher seems adamant I take it but my maths isn’t so sure. What do you think I should do? Thank you :) And just to add, the job I am planning on doesn’t really come into science at all. Triple involves a lot of time spent. And Is it worth me sacrificing more important GCSE’s for me, getting my science grades or not? When I’m probably not going to need a lot of science anyway. So please help!!

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Hi Ruby,

Check out this website.

It may give you a bit more information. In my opinion you don't need the three science subjects considering your chosen profession doesn't require it. I think it boils down to which subjects you like the most and how well you can perform in them.

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Asked a question 3 years ago
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