Energy resources are resources that can produce heat, make electricity or move objects depending on what they are used for. Our energy resources are mainly used for: 

Domestic purposes: Homes require heat and light. Appliances such as televisions, washing machines, phone chargers and computers need power.

Transport: Cars, trucks, planes, trains, ect. need energy sources to run.

Industry and business: Factories and businesses need light, heat and power to run their machines, offices, ect. 

Energy sources are either non-renewable or renewable.

Non-renewable energy: can be used only once and will run out eventually, also called finite energy. For example fossil fuels: 





Renewable energy: Can be used repeatedly and will not run out. For example,

• Solar power (sun), 

•Wind energy, 

•Tidal energy (waves),

• Geothermal energy (heat energy made and stored in the earth), 

•Biomass energy (burning waste wood or vegetable products) 

•Hydroelectric power (water)