Solar energy is the heat and light from the sun that is harnessed and converted directly into other forms of energy, such as electricity. 

How solar energy works:

  1. Solar panels convert sun's energy into electricity.
  2. A converter changes this electricity, enabling it to power electrical items.
  3. The electricity passes through a breaker box to sockets in the building.
  4. Items such as refrigerators, computers and TVs can be plugged into the sockets for power.
  5. Any extra electricity created during very 'sunny days' can be credited [used later] 

Advantages of solar energy:

  • renewable 
  • clean, with no waste product
  • solar panels are inexpensive to repair and maintain
  • technology is cheap to install

Disadvantages of solar energy: 

  • not possible at night
  • weather dependent; cloudy weather lessens the amount of solar energy created