General Reasons:

  • Coastal Location
  • Focus of Route ways
  • Bridging point settlement
  • Defence point settlement
  • As an Industrial town/city
  • As a tourist town
  • As a service centre; example: schools, hospitals, post office, Garda Station, Fire Station.
  • Flat Land
  • Fertile farm land; bordering river; alluvial soils; producing high yields
  • Mountains offer shelter from northerly winds

Examine 3 reasons as to why Dingle developed at this location:

Reason One:

Statement:  Dingle developed at its coastal location as the sea would have been an important source of transport for import & export of goods.

Development:  The marina (pier) at Q444 099, The boating symbol at Q441 005 and the lighthouse at V455 990 all indicate still the importance of the coastal location today to Dingle.

F.Development:  This would lead to the development of trade and commerce, attracting more business to set up and so Dingle grew & developed.

Reason Two:

Statement: Dingle developed here because it is at a focus of route-ways.

Development:  This allows for ease of access to trade into the town allowing it to grow and prosper.

F.Development: All roads converge at the town centre, The N8 from the east, The R549 from the north, The R560 from the Northeast and the R559 from the Southwest.

Reason Three:

Statement:  Dingle developed here because of the shape of the land and it being in a sheltered location

Development:  The Ballysitteragh and Slievanea mountains shelter the town from the cold northerly winds

F.Development: Dingle itself is built on a south facing slope on a hill of 208m in height. South facing slopes are warmer as they receive more direct sunlight.