Mass Movement - the movement of regolith down a slope due to gravity.

Regolith - loose material such as soil, rocks and mud. (Produced when rocks have been weathered and eroded).

Factors affecting Mass Movement

1. Gradient (slope)

  • the steepness of the slope.
  • the steeper the slope, the faster the movement of regolith.

2. Water (rain)

  • water makes regolith heavier causing it to move downwards faster
  • water acts as a lubricant causing it to move downwards easier.

3. Human activity

- building roads, quarrying, construction can all make the land unstable and cause mass movement.

4. Vegetation (plants/trees)

- the roots of plants and trees keep soil together and make it more stable.

- this helps prevent Mass Movement.

Types of Mass Movement

Slow Mass Movement

-soil creep

Fast Mass Movement


-bog burst.