1. Statement:Overcrowding

Development:  Kolkata is one of the most densely populated cities, there are about 4 million people crammed into over-crowded bustees. Some of these bustee families live in tiny overcrowded houses. These houses are no bigger than an average sized Irish bathroom.

Further Development:  An awful amount of people are living in very bad un- clean, unhygienic conditions with big numbers of people, this many result in poor health and death.


2. Statement:  Lack Of Clean Water

Development:  Some drinking water has been contaminated by lead from old lead pipes. Sometimes up to 50 people have to drink from one water tap. People who live on the street are forced to drink water that was meant to be used for street cleaning.

Further Development: Drinking from these type of waters often lead to serious illnesses such as dysentery .


3. Statement:  Pollution

Development:  Toilet & kitchen waster are thrown into open drains in the middle of the street, heavy rain sometimes flushes the waste onto the streets, Rubbish also piles up on streets. A lot of air pollution also damages peoples health.

Further Development: Theses types of pollution can make people very ill and even give the bad diseases.