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LC Home Economics
LC Home Economics
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Money Management Terms

  • Budget – A plan for spending money.
  • Income – Money received.
  • Expenditure – Money paid out.
  • Gross Income – Total amount earned before deductions.
  • PAYE – Pay As You Earn. Income Tax. Paid to State.
  • PRSI – Pay Related Social Insurance. Pays for benefits if and when needed.
  • Net Income – Total amount earned after deductions. Take home pay.
  • Statutory Deductions – PAYE and PRSI
  • Voluntary Deductions – Optional, e.g. health insurance.
  • Household Expenses – Accommodation (rent/mortgage). Food. Clothing. Medical expenses. Travel. Electricity. Heating (gas/oil/etc.). Entertainment. Savings.
  • Tax Credit – System used to calculate the amount of tax a... (More)

Food Processing – Leaving Cert Home Economics Terms

Accelerated Freeze Drying (AFD) – A process whereby food is frozen quickly creating tiny ice crystals. The food is then dried in a chamber (sublimation) so the tiny ice crystals evaporate without turning to a liquid.

Air Blast Freezing – Food passes through a chamber on a conveyor belt and is blasted with cold air producing frozen food which is then packaged

Aseptic Canning – Food is sterilised and then placed into a sterilised can which is hermetically sealed, cooled and labelled.

Cold Smoking – Fish is salted and then heated to 30Β°C in the presence of creosote and formaldehyde... (More)

Milk Processing – Leaving Cert Home Economics Terms

Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) – Milk is homogenised and then heated to 132Β°C for one second. It is then cooled and packaged into sterile containers.

Sterilisation – Milk is homogenised, sealed into bottles/cartons and then heated to 110Β° C for approximately 30 minutes. It is then cooled.

Spray Drying – Where milk is sprayed into containers of hot air. As the milk droplets fall, the water is evaporated producing a powder which is cooled, packaged and sealed into airtight containers. It is expensive and reconstitutes easily.

Roller Drying – Milk is poured onto heated revolving metal rollers. It is then... (More)