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JC Science
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JC Science

Ecology – Junior Cert Science

  • Ecology is the study of the relationships of living things with one another and their environment.
  • A habitat is a place where a plant or animal lives, e.g. woodland or rocky seashore.
  • The environment is everything surrounding an organism.
  • A food chain is a chain showing how organisms are linked by what they eat. Solar energy is transferred through a food chain.
  • Producers are organisms that make their own food, e.g. green plants.
  • Consumers are all organisms other than producers.
  • Decomposers are organisms that feed on dead animals or plants.
  • The feeding level is the position of a particular organism... (More)
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JC Science

How organs of the circulatory system work or interact with each other and with other systems.

Organs of the circulatory system working together:

Heart and Arteries: Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart and carry it towards the organs of the body.

Heart and veins: Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the organs of the body and deliver it back to the heart.

Arteries and capillaries: Arteries are larger blood vessels, too big to get near individual cells in the body. The arteries break up into smaller blood vessels called capillaries which can get very close to the cells.

Veins and capillaries: When capillaries coming away from... (More)