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JC Geography

The formation of a levee

  1. During low flow, the load that is being carried by the river is dropped onto the river bed which raises the height of the bed.
  2. During times of flood, water flows out more easily over the top of the river channel and onto the surrounding area. As this happens, it looses energy and deposits it’s load.
  3. The heavy coarse material is deposited on the river banks. The finer silt is deposited further away on the flood plain.
  4. After many floods, the river builds up a bank on either side.

its basically a narrow ridge of sand or shindle which extends from the mainland to a former island which creates a passage between the mainland and the island offshore.

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JC Geography
Liya Joseph
Hi My name is Liya I am a 1st year student in Mallow


  • Earthquakes -sudden shaking of the earth caused by the movement of the crust.
  • Tremors -vibration.
  • Focus- the point under the surface where the earthquake happens.
  • Faultline -the line of two plates.
  • Epicentre - the point on the surface directly above the focus. The earthquake is the strongest here.
  • Seismic waves -waves of tremors.
  • Aftershock- smaller tremors that come after the earthquakes.
  • Seismologist - a person who studies earthquakes
  • Seismographs - an instrument that measures the strength of an earthquake.
  • Richter scale - measures the strength of an earthquake .it goes from 1-8
  • Moment Magnitude Scale (MMS) - measures the... (More)
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JC Geography

Economic and Social Impacts of Fold Mountains

Case Study: The Alps

The Alps were formed 35 million years ago during the Alpine folding period, when the African and Eurasian plates collided.

Economic Impacts

  1. Farming: the fold mountains of the Alps are used for farming sheep, goats and cattle. In the summer, the animals are moved further up the slope to graze.
  2. Hydro-electric power{electricity generated from water}: melted snow gives water which is used to generate hydro-electric power.
  3. Tourism: lost of people visit the Alps to ski or snowboard in the winter, or hike in the summer. The income generated by tourism can provide a better standard of... (More)