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JC Geography
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JC Geography

Fishing Revision – Junior Cert Geography

  • Fish are a renewable resource because they can renew their numbers though breeding.
  • Fish can be depleted if they are over-exploited

Why over fishing takes place!

Big ships: Some of today’s trawlers are as tall as seven storey buildings and as long as Croke Park. These ‘super-trawlers’ often travel together in fleets, which usually include a factory ship that processes the fish at sea. This system allows trawlers to fish for months on end. They kill vast quantities of fish, which can be stored for long periods of time in massive refrigerated holds.

Modern Equipment: Modern boats... (More)

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JC Geography

The Water Cycle – Junior Cert Geography

1.The sun’s heat evaporates seawater and turns it into a gas called water vapour.

2.The light water vapour rises, cools and condenses into tiny droplets which make up cloud.

3.Further cooling and condensation results in precipitation.

4.Surface run-off(rivers) and soakage returns most of the water to the sea ( some water is evaporated immediately back into atmosphere

And the whole cycle beings again

Importance of Water

  • The plants that provide us with food need water to grow. Farm animals need water and plants in order to survive
  • We each need an average of litres of water a day just for... (More)
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JC Geography

Reasons why a town developed at a particular location

General Reasons:

  • Coastal Location
  • Focus of Route ways
  • Bridging point settlement
  • Defence point settlement
  • As an Industrial town/city
  • As a tourist town
  • As a service centre; example: schools, hospitals, post office, Garda Station, Fire Station.
  • Flat Land
  • Fertile farm land; bordering river; alluvial soils; producing high yields
  • Mountains offer shelter from northerly winds

Examine 3 reasons as to why Dingle developed at this location:

Reason One:

Statement: Dingle developed at its coastal location as the sea would have been an important source of transport for import & export of goods.

Development: The marina (pier) at Q444 099, The boating symbol... (More)

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JC Geography

Effects of High Population Densities of a Developing City

1. Statement:Overcrowding

Development: Kolkata is one of the most densely populated cities, there are about 4 million people crammed into over-crowded bustees. Some of these bustee families live in tiny overcrowded houses. These houses are no bigger than an average sized Irish bathroom.

Further Development: An awful amount of people are living in very bad un- clean, unhygienic conditions with big numbers of people, this many result in poor health and death.

2. Statement: Lack Of Clean Water

Development: Some drinking water has been contaminated by lead from old lead pipes. Sometimes up to 50 people have to drink... (More)