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JC Business Studies
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Pros and Cons of investing in plot or apartment

In prime cities, though apartment culture has outgrown the residential market, people are still confused when it comes to real estate investment between flat and plot. To make excellent decisions, one needs to take many aspects like appreciation, the value of the building, monetary help, and financial gain.

One of the eminent reasons to consider is to check what you would take out from your investment, like sound appreciation over time and regular returns.

Let's list down a few pros and cons of investing in a plot or apartment.

Smart Investment Decisions:

If you are looking to buy a flat,... (More)

Insurance is a protection against risk. Insurance provides backup or security to anything you want to get. There are many companies that provide insurance on almost everything. Companies charge some amount in order to provide insurances and customers pay it to get security.

Insurance is protection against an event that may or may not occur. Eg. I will insure my car, as there is a chance that I could get into an accident.

Market Research

  • Market research involves gathering, recording and analysing information about a market.

The information gathered during market research could include:

  • How much the consumer would be willing to pay for the new product or service.
  • What they like or what they do not like about the new product or service.
  • What products or services they consumer currently uses.

The information that is gathered during market research helps a business to improve its product or service to meet consumer needs and wants. This means that the product or service has a good chance of selling well.

There are 2 types of market... (More)