Amanda Sabu

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- A Consumer is someone who buys a good or service for their own use.

It is important for a consumer to have their rights while shopping as well as their responsibilities.

Consumer Rights

1.  The right to honest and truthful information​

  • It is illegal for a manufacturer or retailer to give false or misleading information about a product. ​

2.  The right to choose​

  • Being able to choose the goods and services you want is an important right. ​

3.  The right to value for money​

  • All products on sale must be of merchantable quality.​
  • This means that they must be of a certain standard and be fit for the purpose for which they are intended. ​

4.  The right to safety​

  • All consumers have a right to know that a product will not be harmful to their health, or put their lives at risk.​
  • Safety laws protect the consumer. ​

5.  The right to redress​

  • If you buy a product that proves to be faulty, you have a right to complain. ​
  • You may be entitled to your money back or a replacement.​
  • If a service you use has not been carried out to your satisfaction, you have a right to complain to the supplier of that service.​

Consumer Responsibilities

1.  Compare Prices

  • This means that a good consumer will shop around at different stores to compare price and quality.

2.  Avoid Impulse Buying

  • This means that a good consumer will plan out what they will buy and avoid buying on an impulse

3.  Follow Instructions

  • This means that a good consumer will follow the exact instructions on the product, know what the danger symbols mean and won't give it to children if not suitable.

4.  Complain to the Manufacturers

  • This means that a good consumer will complain or inform the manufacturer if a good is faulty or not of Merchantable Quality.

5.  Know and understand the Consumer laws

  • This means that a consumer has to know the laws and be able to use this information correctly and wisely if ever needed.