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  • Carbon
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen


  • Fat is made up of the three fatty acids and glycerol which makes up the triglyceride.
The triglyceride


Saturated fats     Unsaturated fats

Meat.                     Nuts.

Butter.                    Vegetable oils.

Chocolate.             Seeds.

Milk.                       Oily fish.


  • Produces heat for the body.
  • Creates an insulating layer to keep heat in.
  • Protection of delicate organs.

Drawbacks of saturated fats

  • If consumed too much the fat can block the blood vessels in your body which prevents blood from passing through and causing coronary heart disease.
  • Also if eaten too much it can cause obesity which causes heart diseases and prevent you from doing everyday tasks.

Advantages in Unsaturated fats

  • This will clear up your blood vessels if there is a build-up of fat.
  • Certain foods with unsaturated fats (e.g oily fish) is a rich source of omega 3 which will lessen your chance of heart diseases.