Food Hygiene

Food hygiene involves being careful while​

  • Preparing​
  • Storing​
  • Cooking ​
  • Serving food ​

​This protects your health and wellbeing.​

Food Spoilage

Food will stay fresh for only a limited amount of time. ​

Eventually, it will spoil or go bad.​

​Food spoilage occurs more quickly if food is:​

  • Not stored correctly​
  • Prepared in a dirty kitchen​
  • Handled by a person who is careless or unhygienic

Food Spoilage occurs because of : 

1.  ​Enzymes ​

  • These are chemicals naturally present in fruit and vegetables that cause the food to ripen. ​
  • After harvesting, the enzymes continue to ripen the food.​
  • Eventually, the food becomes overripe and then begins to decay.​

​2.  Microorganisms​

  • These are tiny living organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds.​
  • They are present everywhere, for example in soil, water, and in humans​
  • Some microorganisms can cause food poisoning.​

The Growth Conditions of Microorganisms are:

  1. Food ​
  2. Warmth ​
  3. Moisture ​
  4. Oxygen ​
  5. Time ​