• Retina – Light sensitive screen at the back of the eye.
  • Optic Nerve – Carries information in electrical form to the brain.
  • Cornea – Together with the lens, it forms part of the focusing system.
  • Iris – Acts like a shutter, controls the amount of light entering.
  • Ciliary Muscle –  Changes the shape of the lens.

Power of Accommodation

The power of Accommodation of the eye is its ability to focus a real image of an object on the retina, whether the object is near or far.

Long Sightedness – Hypermetropia

  • Distant objects are seen clearly.
  • Near objects are focused beyond the retina.
  • Convex (converging) lens.

Short Sightedness – Myopia

  • Near objects are seen clearly.
  • Distant objects are focused before the retina.
  • Concave (diverging) Lens.