Dry brush - using paint on a dry surface and skimming the  over the surface in rapid movements.

Pointilisim: dots on the surface-this can be done using any range of colours or complimentary pairs which if viewed at a distance seems to blend the colours together.

Short brush stroke: short Brush Strokes of colour.

Short brush stroke with complementary colours: short Brush Strokes of colour using complementary colours.

Sgraffito:  one coat of paint is left is left to dry on a canvas or sheet of paper. Another coat of a different colour is painted on top of the first layer. The artist then uses the end of the brush or stick to scratch out a design.

Impasto: using sand/tea bag or any other substance to thicken paint. This is added to give texture and volume to the paint.

Blending: two colours together to create a melting effect from one colour to the next. 

Crumpled paper: crumpled paper/tin foil or cling film can be dipped into paint and then blotted onto the surface. This could also be applied onto an already dry painted surface. 

Wet over dry: applying wet paint and dragging across a dry area of paint.

Dragging: dragging can be achieved by using a brush or card and dipping it into paint and then dragging it across a surface.

Dripping: this can be achieved by adding water to the paint then you can apply it to paper. Buy using a straw you can spread it by blowing in or hold up the page and let it drip down the surface.