does anybody have an essay on technology/ my area/ my family ??

Hey,here is the one you may like(250+ words) on 'my family'-

When the soul gets a new body to spend another life and live beautiful moments again,the almighty's first gift to us is the family in which we born.The moment in which we get our senses of hearing, touching, seeing and understanding,there are some people to welcome us into the world.There is a mother,filled with love and care, a father, who jhides the feelings, a brother or sister, who is ready to tease you and maybe the grandparents,who will shower all of their love on you and maybe a pet, if you are lucky.

The family doesn't only consist of some members,but the memories, the learnings we get from them.My family,even in general sense, a family teach us how to walk,how to co-operate,how to share,how to live even the smallest happiness to the fullest, how to share the thoughts, how to eat together and stay together,how to manage failures as well as success, how to forgive, how to fight if you are not wrong, how to appreciate, how to share the bad experiences and turn them into a beautiful precious moment.

The family does not only contains the people with whom we start living with.We start making families when we start meeting with people who care for us in similar way in the way a family takes care.The family consist of everyone-parents,grandparents,siblings, relatives,friends,pets, neighbours and everyone who cares for us.

There are several children who live without any family as they left them due to some reason and made their lives miserable. I am glad to have such a family,who enriched me with such wonderful principles.I am greatful to have a loving and caring family.