I am doing this book report on the book ‘What Katy Did’ by the author Susan Coolidge. 

This story is about a twelve-year-old girl called Katy Carr. She is the oldest daughter of her widowed father and the oldest of six children. Her father being a very busy doctor, brought his sister ‘Aunt Izzie’ to take care of the children. Aunt Izzie was a very strict, demanding and old-fashioned woman, but the children made her life very hard. They were adventurous and was always getting into mischief. Katy was the leader of all the children and led them into all sorts of disasters, but Katy did not mean to cause any trouble and being a very kindhearted girl, she wanted to change. The best opportunity came when their Cousin Helen came to visit, she was nice, holy, helpful and very beautiful. Katy wanted to be like her but the very next day she disobeyed her Aunt and went on the broken swing that her aunt had told her not to go on. She swung as high as she could, but the swing fell making her fall on an awkward position hurting her spine. She would never walk again the doctors told her. She lived a moody life not able to go to school and always snapping at her siblings, but Cousin Helen came to visit again and showed her the path to god and kindness and helped her through the misery she was in. 

I wasn’t a big fan of this book because it was not that easy to understand, and the ending was very happy and not realistic.  

My favourite character in this book is Katy. I loved her characteristics at the start, and I did not think it was bad for her to be mischievous or a tomboy. I think since this book was made a long time ago, they had different views of how girls had to behave, and I do not agree with that.  

I would not really recommend this book to girls of my age because it was hard to understand, and it has very old fashioned veiws.

Out of five stars, I would rate this a 1.5. 

Amanda Sabu