Scene 1

  • Capulet servants mock Montague servants.
  • A brawl develops on the streets of Verona.
  • Young and old from both houses are involved.
  • Tybalt jeers Benvolio's efforts to stop the fight.
  • Prince Escalus warns that another fight will be punishable by death.
  • Benvolio and the Montagues discuss Romeo's moodiness.
  • Romeo explains to Benvolio that he is in love but his love is not returned. Benvolio tells him to forget the woman.

Scene 2

  • Capulet tells Paris that it should not be too hard for both him and the Montagues to keep the peace.
  • Capulet asks Paris to consider him suit of marriage to Juliet.
  • Capulet asks Paris to be patient, telling him that she is only 13 and asks him to wait two more summers before marrying.
  • He invites Paris to the feast where he can try and woo Juliet.
  • He sends out a servant to invite people from a list but he cannot read.
  • Romeo and Benvolio meet the servant and read the list for him.
  • Benvolio suggests that they go to the party where Romeo will see Rosaline and Benvolio will make him look at other women to get over her.

Scene 3

  • Lady Capulet sends for Juliet to talk to her about marriage.
  • The Nurse says Juliet will soon be 14.
  • Lady Capulet informs Juliet that Paris wants to marry her.
  • Juliet says that she will do as her mother wishes and will go along to the party and see what Paris is like.

Scene 4

  • Romeo, Benvolio, Mercutio and a few more are on their way to the party.
  • Romeo is reluctant to go in and says he will hold the torch instead.
  • Mercutio rambles on about Queen Mab and dreams.
  • Romeo fears that something that happens tonight will result in death.

Scene 5

  • Capulet greets his guests and encourages them to dance.
  • He discusses with his cousin how long it has been since either of them has danced.
  • Romeo sees Juliet and is stunned by her beauty.
  • Tybalt recognises Romeo's voice and orders one of his servants to get his rapier, so that he can kill Romeo.
  • Capulet advises Tybalt not to cause trouble.
  • Tybalt, now angry, leaves the feast intending on getting his own way.
  • Romeo speaks to Juliet and kisses her.
  • Romeo learns from the Nurse that Juliet is Capulet's daughter.
  • Juliet learns from the Nurse that Romeo is the son of her father's enemy.