Starters or appetisers are the first courses of a meal.​They help to stimulate the appetite.​


Dips may be used as the starter to a meal. ​Hot dips are usually based on white sauce.​Cold dips are often based on​, yoghurt, cream cheese or mayonnaise.​


  • Stock is a liquid in which meat (or fish) bones and/or vegetables have been simmered gently for a long time.​
  • Stock improves the flavour and colour of soups and sauces.​
  • Stock cubes, granules and gels may be used to produce instant stock.​


Garnishes are small amounts of food used for decoration.​ e.g. mint leaves.


Accompaniments are foods that you can​ eat with your soup.​ e.g. bread.


Desserts are usually a sweet dish sometimes served ​at the end of a meal. ​