Campylobacter ​

  • Campylobacter bacteria are found in animal intestines. 
  • ​Humans can be infected by eating undercooked meat or through drinking contaminated water. ​


  • Salmonella bacteria are found in the intestines of humans, birds and animals. ​
  • Poultry, eggs and raw meat are a source of Salmonella bacteria. ​
  • Pets, rats, mice and insects also carry Salmonella. ​

Preventing food poisoning​

The risk of food poisoning can be greatly reduced by following hygiene rules when​

  • Storing​
  • Preparing​
  • Cooking​
  • Serving food ​

Safe food storage​

Shelf life refers to the length of time for which food stays wholesome and safe to eat. ​

​Correct food storage: ​

  • Prolongs the shelf life of food​
  • Reduces the risk of food poisoning​
  • Discourages pests, such as flies, cockroaches ​
    and mice​
  • Keeps the food preparation area tidy and clean ​