Scene 1

  • This is the turning plot of the play.
  • There is tension with the appearance of Tybalt. Mercutio mocks Tybalt.
  • Romeo ignores Tybalt's remarks to him as he now sees him as his cousin.
  • Mercutio challenges Tybalt to a fight.
  • Romeo tries to separate them fighting. Mercutio is stabbed and curses both houses before dying.
  • Romeo curses Juliet as he is upset at Mercutio's death.
  • Romeo follows Tybalt and avenges Mercutio's death, killing Tybalt.
  • Prince Escalus arrives and Benvolio explains what happened.
  • Romeo is exiled.

Scene 2

  • Juliet awaits nightfall and Romeo to arrive for their wedding night.
  • The Nurse tells Juliet the news of Tybalt's death.
  • Juliet initially curses Romeo and then takes it back.
  • Juliet worries that she won't see Romeo on their wedding night. But the Nurse says she will send for him.

Scene 3 

  • Romeo waits at Friar Lawrence's for his sentence. He is to be banished.
  • Romeo is distraught, but the Friar encourages him to pull himself together.
  • The Nurse presents Romeo with a ring Juliet has sent him as a sign of her love.

Scene 4 

  • Capulet tells Paris he hasn't had the chance to discuss marriage with Juliet yet.
  • Lady Capulet tells Paris she will talk to Juliet the next day.
  • Capulet then promises Juliet will marry him next Thursday.

Scene 5

  • The lovers must part as day arrives.
  • Juliet initially asks Romeo to stay, but realises he must leave.
  • Lady Capulet thinks Juliet is weeping over Tybalt.
  • Juliet's mother tells her she will marry Paris next Thursday.
  • Capulet is disgusted and verbally abuses her when she says she won't marry him.
  • The Nurse is told to stay out of it but advises Juliet after to marry Paris.
  • Juliet decides to go to the Friar for help.