To help you be as productive as you can we have put together a list of 5 apps every student should use.


Forest is an app that is wonderful for helping you to stay as focused as possible for short periods of time and then allows you to take timed breaks. It is essentially a timer in which a tree grows while you are studying. It helps you to avoid distractions as when you leave the app before the timer ends the tree dies.


Notion is a note taking app that allows you to keep all your notes and files in one place. This can be used to keep all your digital notes and homework together. It is easier than having files all over your computer and misplacing them. It helps you stay neat and organised.


Todoist helps you to plan your study day. It allows you to plan what you want to do each day, tick it off as you go and sends you emails to remind what tasks you have to do each day. This ensures you don’t forget anything. You can put in all you assignments and when they are due so you ensure you submit them on time.


Quizlet is an app that has lots of practice quizzes. You can make your own quizzes and it is a great way to test yourself. Try out Quizlet with our French sample Quizlet and Irish sample Quizlet in the Free Notes section. 


Scannable allows you to scan homework and other physical documents and create digital versions of them. It creates good quality documents and allows you to easily upload them to assignments in Teams or Google Classroom.

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-The Examable Team