• G major
  • opens with 10secs of instrumental tuning and audience noises
  • opens with 4 bars of rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar and drums 
  • drum kit playing a variation of a standard drum backbeat
  • rhythm guitar chord progression: A7, C7, G7
  • bass guitar playing repeated quavers

Verse One:

  • 8 bars long (AAB)
  • Homophonic texture
  • punctuated lead guitar chords on beats 2 and 4 (syncopation)
  • rhythm guitar playing standard strummed pattern
  • vocal melody is made up of repeated semiquavers and a flattened 7th (F natural). it features syncopation and is panned

Interlude One:

  • F major modulation
  • five bars of french horns accompanied by drums, bass guitar and rhythm guitar
  • uses panning, reverb, audience sounds and classical counterpoint
  • ends on a dominant 7th chord
  • D7 motif seen in upper horn part and repeated in diminution in the second horn part

Chorus One:

  • 12 bars long of harmonised vocals with guitar and drums and horns at the end
  • anacrusis start in the vocal line
  • standard drum beat with hi-hats
  • vocals augment
  • descending french horn D7 in inversion

Interlude Two:

  • 3 bars of sustained french horn chords followed by 2 bars of quaver movement

Verse Two:

  • same as verse one, with different lyrics


  • two bars on the chord of IV with a descending bass line

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