Brooklyn directed John Crowley

*Cultural context: can be defined as the world of the text.    

WHAT does this story teach us about life at that time?*    

 • Setting with a specific historical time - past at times sentimentalised but thoroughly scrutinised - a setting of hugely social and historical relevant to Irish society - the story of Ellis epitomises Ireland’s story of  immigration

 • Geographical location - contrast of locations clearly portrayed and the opposition between city NY /small town Enniscorthy

 • Family - unit of family, nuclear family, bereaved family, supportive, estranged, communicated well, family in a new culture, NY melting-pot, Irish and Italian families

 • Role of men, women and children - patriarchal society, women in a submissive role - traditional roles upheld by women, children obedient to their parents and authority figures

 • Love and marriage - marriage of convenience, true love, equality, social norms and expectations

 • Power - individual, institutional, religious - power resides in varying degrees throughout.  Authority is a feature of all and has an impact on the characters and their world.

 • Social status and opportunity (social mobility)

 • Conflict - between characters, inner conflict in the characters, conflict derived from social circumstances

 • Wealth and work - professional life and jobs a significant feature of the world of the characters.

 • Religion- catholicism dominated, influential and powerful

 • Morals, values and beliefs- traditional, conservative, repressed, stoic,

 • Music, literature and art of the period - traditional, conservative in Ireland - reference to Hollywood movies in NY

 • Fashion and clothing- used symbolically, indicates change and growth for Eilis - the rugby boys clothes symbolic of their social class and status

 • Food and social activities - food and mealtimes a recurring motif in the film - indicates changes in social circumstances and exposure to new cultures  

 • Hobbies and pastimes- contrast established between the two locations - e.g. two different trips to the beach