Social Purpose

The money collected from taxes can be redistributed for social good. The homeless, the unemployed, lone-parent families and people living with illness and disabilities are eligible for social welfare. By heavily taxing items that are harmful to citizens health such as alcohol and cigarettes, unhealthy choices are discouraged. 

It is a legal requirement for Irish citizens to pay the taxes they are responsible for based on their stats. For example, employees must pay income tax. A percentage of taxes collected are used to fund the legal system in Ireland. This system ensures that there is law and order in our society.

Ethical Purpose

If an individual or organisation deliberately underpays or does not pay the tax they owe, it is called tax evasion. This is illegal. When an individual or organisation uses methods to minimise the amount of tax they owe, it is called tax avoidance. This is legal but it is considered unethical as it is unwillingness to fulfill a social responsibility.