‘Get thee to a nunnery:’ Hamlet to Ophelia 3.1

Repeated phrase suggesting she’s a whore -

nunnery also meant a brothel.

‘God hath given you one face and you make

yourselves another.’

Hamlet to Ophelia


Misogynistic again?   Suggesting all women are two

faced.   He’s right though - Ophelia had spied on

him for Claudius & Polonius.

‘… cousin Hamlet,’ Claudius to Hamlet 3.2 Suggests a family affection - though false.
‘… the chameleon’s dish’ Hamlet in reply 3.2 Hints that Claudius is not what he seems.

‘Do you think I meant country matters?’

Hamlet to Ophelia


During the play, Hamlet uses crude and offensive

language to Ophelia - suggesting he’s thinking of


‘… look you how cheerfully my mother

looks, and my father died within two hours’

Hamlet to Ophelia 3.2

Shows anger at the happiness of his widowed


‘The lady doth protest too much methinks’ Gertrude to Hamlet 3.2

Gertrude seems unaware of the reason for Hamlet’s

questioning during the play.

‘A poisons him i’th’garden for’s estate’ Hamlet to court 3.2

He makes it clear that the play king is poisoned,

hoping to prick Claudius’ conscience.

‘Give me some light: away!’ Claudius to Lords 3.2

He makes an excuse to leave the hall - a sign of

guilt in Hamlet’s eyes.

‘… my wit’s diseased’ Hamlet to Rosencrantz 3.2

Hamlet suggests that his usual flair with words is

failing him.

‘I will speak daggers to her but use none’ Hamlet soliloquy 3.2

He tells the audience how he intends to speak to his


‘I like him not’ Claudius to Guildenstern 3.3

Claudius’ real feelings towards Hamlet are made


‘Oh, my offence is rank’ Claudius soliloquy 3.3 Claudius’ confession.

‘All may be well’

Claudius soliloquy


Hoping that by prayer, his sins are forgiven -

dramatic irony - the audience know of Hamlet’s


‘My words fly up, my thoughts remain


Claudius soliloquy 3.3

Telling the audience that he doesn’t intend his

confession to be known beyond God.

‘Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended’ Gertrude to Hamlet 3.4

Shows her lack of understanding by suggesting that

Hamlet should care about Claudius.