Scene 1 

  • Romeo slips away from his friends determined to meet Juliet again.
  • Mercutio and Benvolio joke about where he might be and Mercutio makes vulgar remarks about Rosaline.

Scene 2

  • Romeo enters the Capulet grounds and sees Juliet come to the balcony outside her window.
  • Juliet declares her love for Romeo, not knowing that he is listening.
  • Romeo makes his presence known and says he will no longer be named Montague.
  • Juliet fears for his safety and asks him to leave but he says that night will protect him.
  • She says that he should not have heard what she said but her love is sincere.
  • He declares his love for her.
  • Juliet says that if his intentions are marriage, he should arrange their wedding for the following day. She will send a messenger to get the information from him.

Scene 3

  • Friar Lawrence is out searching for medical herbs. He reflects on the good and evil that co-exists in herbs and how it is also the case with man.
  • Romeo enters and it is very early. The Friar thinks he has spent the night with Rosaline.
  • Romeo tells the Friar of his love for Juliet and asks to him to perform a wedding ceremony.
  • Friar Lawrence questions Romeo as to whether his love is real or not. But he agrees to the marriage as he sees it a a way to unite the families.

Scene 4

  • Mercutio and Benvolio search for Romeo. Tybalt has sent a letter challenging Romeo to a duel but Mercutio thinks he wouldn't be able for it as he is so lovesick.
  • The Nurse arrives with a message for Romeo.
  • The Nurse warns him not to mess with Juliet's feelings.
  • Romeo sends a message to Juliet to meet him at Friar Lawrence's that afternoon to be married.
  • Romeo gives the Nurse money and tells him that his man will bring a rope ladder to enable him to climb into Juliet's room that evening.

Scene 5 

  • Juliet awaits the return of the Nurse.
  • The Nurse arrives back and complains of tiredness and aching bones.
  • She mocks and praises Romeo, delaying the message, keeping Juliet in suspense.
  • The Nurse finally tells Juliet of the plans for the wedding.

Scene 6 

  • Romeo is waiting in Friar Lawrence's cell to be married.
  • Juliet enters and Romeo says how happy he is. He asks Juliet to respond the same.
  • She responds that she can't put into words how happy she is.
  • The Friar takes them away to be married.