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LC Religious Education
LC Religious Education
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Not many people choose Religion as a subject so in that way it is easier to get a high mark because of the bell curve as opposed to something like Biology. But I would reccommed having an interest in the subject and going in with an open mind, its not purely focused on Religions (christianity) but it is a big part of it so If you are very opinionated it might not be the best subject for you, politics might suit you better. Its only essays on the exam so it's quite a stress on the day and it means... (More)

I wouldn't go into LC religion thinking it's going to be easy. I loved the subject and the course but there's a lot expected off the student. There's the coursework which is worth 20% and the actual exams, which comprises of essays where the student is expected to write at least 7 essays on various topics in 2.5 hours (HL). However, there is choice in the paper. The coursework needs a lot of research, dedication and time too. If you're willing to put in the effort and have an interest in it, then go for it :) It's a very... (More)