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LC Mathematics
LC Mathematics
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LC Mathematics
Finding Areas Between Curves (Integration)
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LC Mathematics

Complicated Derivative Examples

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LC Mathematics

Leaving Cert. Maths Construction Video Tutorials

Angle Bisector

Perpendicular Bisector of Line Segment

Perpendicular through point not on line

Perpendicular through point on line

Line parallel to given line through a point

Division of segment into 2 or 3 equal parts

Division into any number of parts

Segment of given length, on given ray


Triangle SSS

Triangle SAS

Triangle ASA

Triangle RHS

List of constructions to know

  • Bisector of an angle, using only compass and straight edge.
  • Perpendicular bisector of a segment, using only compass and straight edge.
  • Line perpendicular to a given line l, passing through a given point not on l.
  • Line perpendicular... (More)
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LC Mathematics

Logarithms – Explained

What are logarithms and why are they useful? Get the basics on these critical mathematical functions — and discover why smart use of logarithms can determine whether your eyes turn red at the swimming pool this summer.

Introduction to Logarithms