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Aural Exam Focused Listening Technique

This technique is thought to focus the listener even before hearing the tape and thus “subdue panic” and “increase exam productivity”. The technique can be summarised as follows:

  1. Read the instructions carefully (even though they always begin in the same manner, there is usually some information about the piece you will hear included also). Take this information into account when considering the likelihood of your answer.
  2. Read the questions, underlining the key words. Mentally recall or actually jot down the French for these words above the English questions.
  3. Now listen out for these or related words on the tape, your... (More)
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LC Gaeilge

Irish Oral Conversation Fillers

You don’t have to include all of these in your orals, but to make your conversation look natural during the orals, you should use some of these fillers. The more fillers you use, the more the examiner will be impressed with you.

  • Is mór an scannal é: It’s a great scandal
  • Sín í an fhírinne ghlan!: That’s the plain truth
  • Is bocht an sceal é: It’s a disgrace
  • Nuair a smaoiníonn: When you think of it
  • Is iontach an rud é: It’s a great thing
  • Bhuel: Well
  • Ó, a dhiabhail!: Gosh!
  • Ar a laghad: At least
  • A thiarcais!: Oh jeepers!... (More)

Its very hard to predict what the exact questions will be for this section of the paper. However you can be well prepared for it by learning certain phrases for certain type of questions such as a letter or an essay.

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LC Gaeilge

Irish Oral: School Life (Saol Na Scoile) – Sample Answers

Mo Scoil

Táim ag freastal ar an scoil seo. Meánscoil Iognaid Rís an t-ainm atá ar an scoil seo. Mar is eol duit féin, is scoil bhuachaillí an scoil seo. (Tagaim ar scoil ar an mbus. Tógann sé fiche go tríocha nóiméad dom teach ar scoil nuair bíonn an trách go holc ar maidin. Tá an iomarca carranna ar an bóithre. Cuireann an méid tráchta thart timpeall na scoile is teach go mór orm. Ach nuair a tá mé go luath níl an tracht chomh dona.) Is scoil mhór í an scoil seo. Tá seacht gcead daltaí sa scoil agus... (More)