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LC English

Leaving Cert. English, Paper 1 – Part A: The Complete Guide

What are you being asked to do?

The marker is told to view each question as a task, which you must solve with your answer. Here the task is to show your comprehending skills; you are proving to the marker that you can read or look at a certain text and answer questions based on what you have read or seen. There are three question types used to test this: questions concerning what a written question is about, questions on the style of a written text, and questions on the style of a visual text.

If we look at the... (More)

Poetry Terms and Definitions with examples


Definition: The repetition of the beginning consonant sounds of neighboring words within a line.

Example: “Some Song Sung” or “Heap” and “Recent”.


Definition: The relatively close use of the same or similar vowel sounds but with different end consonants.

Example: “White and Shining” or “Heap and Recent”.


Definition: The close repetition of the same end consonants, but with differing vowel sounds coming before.

Example: “Downtown and Unbound”.


Definition: The continuation of the sense of a sentence of phrase beyond the end of a line.

End Rhyme

Definition: A... (More)

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LC English

Othello: Act 1, Scene 3 – Summary & Analysis

The action moves to the dukedom, where discussions are being held about Turkey’s intent to invade Cyprus. A sailor interrupts the meeting to reveal that the Turkish fleet are directed towards Rhodes, also part of Venetian territory, however a senator declares this is a ruse as Cyprus is the more valuable island; a second interrupting messenger confirms this to be the case, revealing that the Turks have aligned with another fleet and now move towards Cyprus. The group comprising of Brabanzio, Othello, Iago, Cassio, Roderigo and their officers then enter, with Brabanzio demanding that his case be prioritized as his... (More)

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LC English

Othello: Act 1, Scene 2 – Summary & Analysis

Iago goes to Othello, declaring that Rogerigo betrayed him with the revelation of the marriage to Brabanzio; Iago says that Brabanzio’s upset will likely result in his divorcing the newlyweds. Soon they spot a group coming towards Othello’s residence, and the two wait for its arrival after Iago fails to convince Othello to go inside. The group comprise of Cassio and some officers from the Ventian court; they have come to summon Othello to the court to discuss a matter concerning Cyprus (an island owned by Venice) with the duke of Venice. As the group then m ake preparations to... (More)