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LC Chemistry
LC Chemistry

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The Periodic Table Groups

A group (also known as a family) is a vertical column in the periodic table of elements.

The alkali metals – Group I

  • Very reactive soft metals.
  • Increases in reactivity down the group.
  • They have low densities.
  • They react quickly with oxygen in air and wi... (More)

Organic Chemistry – Fuels & Heats of Reaction

Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon containing compounds.

A hydrocarbon is a substance that contains only carbon and hydrogen.

There are three main hydrocarbons on the course – alkanes, alkenes and alkynes.

A homologous series is a series of... (More)

Organic Compounds – Tetrahedral & Planar carbons

Tetrahedral carbon compounds

In saturated organic compounds, all of the carbon atoms are tetrahedral.


  • A chloroalkane is an alkane in which one or more hydrogen atoms are replaced with chlorine atoms.
  • Chloroform (
  • ) is an example of a chlor... (More)

Experiment: To prepare ethyne and examine its properties

Ethyne gas is prepared by the reaction of water with calcium carbide (CaC2). Ethyne gas is a colourless gas.

Main Chemicals required

  • Calcium Carbide (CaC2) [also known as calcium dicarbide] – A white/gray solid
  • Acidified copper (II) sulfate solution
  • Wa... (More)