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Hugh Lane – Essay Plan for Gallery Question

Summary of galley

On 16 January this year I visited the Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane. The neoclassical building was designed by William Chambers and James Caulfield. The Cork born art dealer in 1908 opened the gallery to store both contemporary and modern art pieces. There has been a special wing added since then to accommodate the gallery work, resources and restaurant. The layout of the actual gallery is quite simple. The main exhibitions run through 4 wide long rooms. These are permanent collections themed together by era. There are also small rooms off the main exhibits containing themed pieces.... (More)

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LC Art

Van Gough (Self Portrait) Essay Plan – Art History

Post Impressionism: Van Gough (Self Portrait)

Van Gogh Biography

The work chosen is the highly symbolic work of Vincent Van Gough and his Self Portrait which he painted while he prolifically worked during his stay in the mental asylum in Saint Remy. Van Gough was a troubled man from the beginning of his life. At the age of 16 he was offered a position in his uncle’s art dealership. He then moved to London to pursue this but after a failed relationship was sacked from his job. Later he found a job collecting fees for a local private school which... (More)

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LC Art

Edgar Degas Essay Plan


Edgar Degas came from an aristocratic family and was classically trained in art with huge respect for the works of the old masters. Although he played a pivotal role in the Impressionist movement, his work was slightly more independent in feel than the works of the rest of the group. His snap shot composition technique and work in mixed media, along with his fascination with the effects of artificial light, established his painting as truly unique. Degas’ style was spontaneous and full of movement. He was interested in how spontaneous a scene appeared when the composition was cropped to... (More)

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your question. In my opinion you can do art for the LC without doing it for the JC but look into more details with maybe someone who didn't do it for the JC but ended up doing it for LC.LC199 art is made up of four units linked together and based on the everyday visual experience of the student's own environment. The practical work can include Life Sketching, Still Life, Imaginative Composition, Design and Craftwork.

Unlike most other subjects, most of the marks for Leaving Certificate Art have been awarded by the time the June... (More)