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Junior Certificate
Junior Certificate
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JC Geography

Economic and Social Impacts of Fold Mountains

Case Study: The Alps

The Alps were formed 35 million years ago during the Alpine folding period, when the African and Eurasian plates collided.

Economic Impacts

  1. Farming: the fold mountains of the Alps are used for farming sheep, goats and cattle. In the summer, the animals are moved further up the slope to graze.
  2. Hydro-electric power{electricity generated from water}: melted snow gives water which is used to generate hydro-electric power.
  3. Tourism: lost of people visit the Alps to ski or snowboard in the winter, or hike in the summer. The income generated by tourism can provide a better standard of... (More)
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MotivationJC Art

Painting techniques.

Dry brush - using paint on a dry surface and skimming the over the surface in rapid movements.

Pointilisim: dots on the surface-this can be done using any range of colours or complimentary pairs which if viewed at a distance seems to blend the colours together.

Short brush stroke: short Brush Strokes of colour.

Short brush stroke with complementary colours: short Brush Strokes of colour using complementary colours.

Sgraffito: one coat of paint is left is left to dry on a canvas or sheet of paper. Another coat of a different colour is painted on top of the first layer.... (More)