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JC History
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The Great Famine was between 1845 – 1849

Maybe this might help you Lucy

The factory/mine worker is a very common People in History question, and an easy one to prepare for. You only have to pick one or the other - factory workers or mine workers - and focus on learning that one. Both are quite similar anyway, and the advice below applies equally to both of them.

The answer below is written as a male. If you want to write as a female, you may need to switch around some of the points, but they are all still relevant.

  • Introduce yourself. "I am a factory/mine worker... (More)
Junior Cert Student

For history I use exam papers and their marking schemes to see how certain answers should be worded. I make flashcards and quizlets whenever we learn something new in class and try to review them as often as possible. At the moment I am making essay plans using mind maps to outline what info is needed in each essay without overloading myself with paragraphs of words. Hope this helps :)