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JC History
JC History
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JC History

The Plantations in Ireland

Ireland in 1500

King was Lord of Ireland and had little control. The country was divided into 3 areas:

  1. The Pale (English speaking, common law, cattle raids)
  2. The Anglo-Irish lordships (Norman descendants, common law, some Irish customs)
  3. The Gaelic Irish lordships (Brehon law, clan owned tuath, little had changed since Celts)

Henry VIII and Ireland

Henry wanted greater control in Ireland because:

  1. To reduce the power of the Fitzgerald’s of Kildare.
  2. To prevent the French or Spanish from using Catholic Ireland as a base.
  3. To introduce the changes in religion to Ireland.

Garret Óg put in jail. Silken Thomas... (More)

The best way to grow is to learn

Guerrilla warfare is the use of hit-and-run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular forces operating in territory controlled by a hostile, regular force.

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JC History

Entertainment in Ancient Rome.

Gladiator fights

these were slaves who were trained to fight.

• the fights took place in I'm theatres which could be found in an theatres which could be found in most roman towns. The most famous was the Colosseum in Rome which held 50,000 spectators

• Gladiators fought each other using helmets, Shields, swords, nets and tridents, they also fought wild animals for the entertainment of the crowd.

Public baths

Roman's went to the bathhouses for relaxation and social gatherings. Men would meet and talk about business after training in the gymnasium. There were separate bathrooms for men and... (More)