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JC History
JC History
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JC History

The Plantations in Ireland

Ireland in 1500

King was Lord of Ireland and had little control. The country was divided into 3 areas:

  1. The Pale (English speaking, common law, cattle raids)
  2. The Anglo-Irish lordships (Norman descendants, common law, some Irish customs)
  3. The Gaelic Irish lordships (Brehon law, clan owned tuath, little had changed since Celts)

Henry VIII and Ireland

Henry wanted greater control in Ireland because:

  1. To reduce the power of the Fitzgerald’s of Kildare.
  2. To prevent the French or Spanish from using Catholic Ireland as a base.
  3. To introduce the changes in religion to Ireland.

Garret Óg put in jail. Silken Thomas... (More)

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JC History

The Knights in the Medieval times.

  • Knights were specially trained fighters in the middle ages.
  • They were usually the sons of Lords or Kings.
  • They were the backbone of the medieval army.
  • At seven, they became pages.
  • They learned good manners, music, dancing, horse riding and helped the lady of the castle.
  • At fourteen, they became squires. They helped the Lord dress for jousts and battles.
  • At twenty-one, they were dubbed knights by their Lord.
  • The knight followed the code of Chivalry which was to promise to be truthful, generous and loyal, to be courteous to the poor and to protect women and children.
  • The Lords... (More)
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JC History

The Industrial Revolution

Why the Industrial Revolution began in Britain?

  • Improved agricultural methods provided more and better food supplies
  • Several new machines were invented in Britain at this time, which speeded up the manufacture of industrial goods.
  • Britain ruled over many countries called colonies. The colonies provided Britain with cheap cotton and other raw materials
  • Transport improved greatly in Britain due to the construction of better roads, canals and railways.

Changes in Textile-Making

  • Spinning of Wool
  • Weaving of Thread

Textile making moved into large buildings called factories

Textile making came to be controlled by rich factory-owners

Former craftsmen had to seek work in... (More)

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JC History

Junior Cert History Terms / Definitions

Black and Tans: Former British soldiers who fought against the IRA/They fought the IRA and got their name from their uniforms (Something more than ‘They fought the IRA’ needed for 2M)

Bloody Sunday: The day when the Squad killed a number of British agents in Dublin / When the Black and Tans opened fire on the crowd in Croke Park

“The Squad”: A group of men who carried out killings on the orders of Michael Collins.

Statute of Westminster: Ireland was free to leave the Commonwealth / Ireland could change or repeal any law made for it at Westminster /... (More)