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Poetry Terms and Definitions with examples


Definition: The repetition of the beginning consonant sounds of neighboring words within a line.

Example: “Some Song Sung” or “Heap” and “Recent”.


Definition: The relatively close use of the same or similar vowel sounds but with different end consonants.

Example: “White and Shining” or “Heap and Recent”.


Definition: The close repetition of the same end consonants, but with differing vowel sounds coming before.

Example: “Downtown and Unbound”.


Definition: The continuation of the sense of a sentence of phrase beyond the end of a line.

End Rhyme

Definition: A... (More)

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JC English
Junior Cert Student

Romeo and Juliet theme

The most important theme in Romeo and Juliet is love. It is demonstrated by many characters.

The love of Romeo for Juliet and her love for him is a central theme of the play. On both sides it's a love at first sight and involves total commitment. On there second meeting she declared her Unconditional Love for him. Romeo's love for her is equally intense he cannot bear the thought of separation from her.

In Romeo and Juliet, love is violent, ecstatic, overpowering force that supersedes all other values, loyalties and emotions. In the course of the play, The Young... (More)


I've come across this thing as well, I have good punctuation etc. but my English teacher would always have something to say bad about it.

Best advice I can give you is to try refences and take phrase from books and try write in a conversational style if possible, it really impresses. 

Hope that helps, best of look!

1. Make sure you know the title and author of the texts you have studied for your Junior Cycle English

2. Practise writing titles and authors and check the spelling

3. Write some key quotations from your studied texts and memorise them

4. Take part in classroom discussion

5. Practise speaking and writing for different purposes as often as you can