Britain wanted to tax the colonists for the 7 Years War with the French and Indians.

No Taxation without Representation’ and the Sons of Liberty (attacked collectors).

The Navigation Acts (American exports had to go to Britain and on British ships.

The Boston Massacre (5 demonstrators shot by British soldiers)

The Boston Tea Party

British killed 8 in Lexington on their way to get arms in Concorde. But Paul Revere had warned the Americans and they ambushed and shot 273.

The Continental Congress made Washington commander-in-chief and passed the Declaration of Independence.

The Armies

  • Britain’s advantages: full time, navy, four times as many soldiers
  • Britain’s problems: far from home, did not know the countryside.
  • America’ advantages: fighting for home, knew countryside, good shots, guerrilla tactics, help from French.
  • America’s disadvantages: ‘minute men’, discipline poor.

The War

  • Went badly at first for America.
  • Victories at Trenton and Princeton.
  • Gates defeated the British at Saratoga.
  • The winter at Valley Forge (many died but Von Steuben trained the army).
  • At Yorktown Cornwallis, trapped between the French at sea and Washington’s forces on land, surrendered.


Washington became President.

United States of America was founded.

State government and Federal government.

Influenced other countries.