Gladiator fights 

these were slaves who were trained to fight. 

• the fights took place in  I'm theatres which could be found in an theatres which could be found in most roman towns. The most famous was the Colosseum in Rome which held 50,000 spectators

• Gladiators fought each other using helmets, Shields, swords, nets and tridents, they also fought wild animals for the entertainment of the crowd. 


Public baths

Roman's went to the bathhouses for relaxation and social gatherings. Men would meet and talk about business after training in the gymnasium. There were separate bathrooms for men and woman. Each bathhouse had a tepidarium (warm room) , a caldarium (hot room) and a frigidarium (cold room). 



Roman's also went to see plays in open-air theatres,  the actors wore masks to portray in a particular emotion, eg. Happiness 


Chariot racing

Chariots would race around a central spine for a number of laps the chariots could be pulled by two, four or 6 horses. The biggest stadium was in Rome, known as the Circus Maximus which could hold 250,000 spectators