1. Elizabeth Bishop was born in 1911 at Worcester, Massachusetts in America.
  2. Her father died from a disease in the year she was born.
  3. Her mother was placed in a mental institution due to mental illness.
  4. Bishop was taken care by her aunts till she was seven and then was taken care by her wealthy grandparents.
  5. She then attended Vassar Collage but her grades started to fall.
  6. She didn’t have a normal family life in her childhood. This affected her during her childhood.
  7. She often god depressed and needed treatment.
  8. She took solace (comfort) in alcohol.
  9. She struggled with her sexuality.
  10. During the late 1930s she moved to France to follow her dream to be a poet.
  11. She travelled around the world for the next 16 years. From Florida to Nova Scotia to Brazil.
  12. From 1951, she lived in Brazil in a longterm relationship until her death in 1979.