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Jc Irish
Asked a question 10 months ago

For the new junior cert Irish HL paper, what would be the best way to prepare for Q9, which is the one that you are given 2 pictures and asked to write about one of them which includes writing about the importance, positives, disadvantages and your personal response question?

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Leaving Cert Student

I've just been writing an example of each one that comes up in the papers as these subjects are likely to come up. What is good about the pictures is that they are up for our interpretation, so when shown a picture of someone playing rugby for example, I write about sport, so if on the day of the exam I get football, I can use the same essay. My teacher has been giving us vocab words / sentences that can be modified to fit each subject, so I've been using Quizlet to learn them. Hope this helps!

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Asked a question 10 months ago
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