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LC English
LC English

“Macbeth” – Important quotes to memorize

Act 1

• Fair is foul, and foul is fair – The Witches (Act 1, Scene 1)

• If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow, and which will not, speak. – Banquo... (More)

Macbeth Appearance Vs. Reality Essay Plan

Intro paragraph: In a riveting play laden with the supernatural, nothing is as it outwardly appears to the naked eye. Tension, mystery, dread and ambiguity pervade the drama. Using the theme of appearance vs reality, Shakespeare delves deep into the... (More)

Essay on Banquo

Banquo is an often misunderstood and forgotten character in the play Macbeth. His fleeting appearances and premature murder at the request of Macbeth, have led many to label him as a mere victim of the ambition and cruelty of others.... (More)

Thomas Kinsella’s poetry extends the reader’s understanding of life. – Sample Essay

‘Kinsella’s poetry extends the reader’s understanding of life. Discuss.’

Having studied a selection of poetry by Kinsella on my Leaving Certificate course, I have no hesitation in saying that they not only extend my understanding of life, but challenge me... (More)