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LC Business
LC Business

The Time Value of Money

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is money.” But what do these two things actually have to do with one another? This video explains the math behind interest rates, revealing the equation that will allow you to calculate the future value of your money (if you wisely put it in the bank, that is).

Getting Started & Ownership Structures

Why start a business?

  • Challenge: Some people will become restless working for someone else, want more of a challenge
  • Profit: Setting up the business offers the chance of earning profits
  • New Ideas/Inventions:
  • Circumstances: People can be forced to set up their business due to unforeseeable circumstances e.g A redundant worker with a sum of money

Problems in setting up a business:

  • Right Product: getting the right product that will satisfy the needs for the customer fully e.g. Value for money
  • Cash Flow: new starts ups often fail because cash flow issues i.e. run out of cash
  • Premises: finding the... (More)
  • This section requires you to Name, Explain and Link for each point. combining different elements into the one answer. Evaluation may be also required.
  • In answering the questions on the ABQ candidates must explain and make use of relevant knowledge/theory (and understanding) gained in the subject while studying the course in addition to the relevant links from the ABQ.
  • Linking of points made in your answer with the text by relevant quotes/phrases/statements from the ABQ is essential.
  • Read the ABQ provided in full before reading the questions, then go back and highlight the relevant points/links in the text.
  • Present your... (More)