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JC Science

What we can do to reduce our Carbon Footprint

  • Walk or cycle to school instead of driving this is because cars contribute 22% of CO2 emissions in Ireland
  • Use public transport instead of cars
  • Turn your heating down. Reducing your thermostat by 1C can cut your energy use and your home heating bill by 10%
  • Insulate your hot water tank, attic and walls to reduce heat loss
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances
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JC Science


Gases are identified as materials that

  • have no definite shape
  • have no definite volume
  • can be easily compressed
  • can flow

In a gas the particles move in all directions and the bounce off one another, causing the particles to spread out further and further.

If the gas is held in a container the particles will bounce off the walls of the container as well as each other.

Water vapour is an example of a gas. Water vapour usually is invisible.