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Fishing Revision – Junior Cert Geography

  • Fish are a renewable resource because they can renew their numbers though breeding.
  • Fish can be depleted if they are over-exploited

Why over fishing takes place!

Big ships: Some of today’s trawlers are as tall as seven storey buildings and... (More)

Junior Cert History Terms / Definitions

Black and Tans: Former British soldiers who fought against the IRA/They fought the IRA and got their name from their uniforms (Something more than ‘They fought the IRA’ needed for 2M)

Bloody Sunday: The day when the Squad killed a... (More)

Mon École (School) – Key Expressions

  • Je vais à une école mixte / de garçons / de filles qui s’appelle… I go to a mixed / boys / girls school called…
  • C’est une grande / petite école… It is a big / small school... (More)