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El tiempo

está despejado: the sky is clear

está nublado: it's cloudy 

hace buen tiempo: the weather is good

hace mal tiempo: the weather is bad 

hace frío: it's cold 

hace calor: it's hot 

hace sol: it's sunny 

hace viento: it's windy

hay niebla: it's foggy 

hay tormenta: it's stormy

llueve: it's raining

nieva: it's snowing

Spanish: The Weather (El Tiempo) – Vocabulary and Expressions


  • El Tiempo – The Weather
  • El Clima – The Climate
  • Hace frĂ­o – It’s cold
  • Hace calor – It’s hot
  • Hace sol – It’s sunny
  • Hace viento – It’s windy
  • Está lloviendo – It’s raining
  • Está granizando – It’s hailing
  • Está nevando – It’s snowing
  • La salida del sol – The sunrise
  • La puesta del sol – The sunset
  • la lluvia – rain
  • las nubes – clouds
  • la neblina – fog
  • el sol – sun
  • el huracán – hurricane
  • la primavera – spring
  • el verano – summer
  • el otoño – fall
  • el invierno – winter
  • el relámpago – lightning... (More)

Aural Exam Focused Listening Technique

This technique is thought to focus the listener even before hearing the tape and thus “subdue panic” and “increase exam productivity”. The technique can be summarised as follows:

  1. Read the instructions carefully (even though they always begin in the same manner, there is usually some information about the piece you will hear included also). Take this information into account when considering the likelihood of your answer.
  2. Read the questions, underlining the key words. Mentally recall or actually jot down the French for these words above the English questions.
  3. Now listen out for these or related words on the tape, your... (More)