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JC Home Economics
JC Home Economics

  • The Food Pyramid

Healthy Eating Guidelines

 Eat less fat

 Eat less sugar

 Eat less salt

 Eat more fruit and veg

 Eat a variety of foods

 Drink more water

 Drink alcohol in moderation

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Healthy Eating – Junior Cert Home Economics Terms

the five senses are – smell, sight , taste, touch and hearing

the energy value of food is measured in – kilocalories of kilojoules

examples of staple foods are – bread and potatoes

what is bad nutrition – malnutrition

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Consumer Information – Junior Cert Home Economics Terms

Loss leader – Product sold below cost

Caveat Emptor – “Buyers Beware”

Consumers Association Ireland – Voluntary agency campaigning for consumer rights

Receipt – Proof of purchase

Consumer – Someone who buys goods or uses services

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