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JC History
JC History

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JC History

Becoming a Knight in Medieval Times

Stage 1: Page

Once a boy reached the age of seven, he would be sent to live with a another lord and his family; this was known as fostering. He would then learn to ride a horse, use a sword, sing, manners and dance.

Stage 2: Squire

At 14, the boy started to learn to fight on horseback. He would accompany the lord into battle, look after his horse and weapons and help the lord dress for battle and tournaments.

Stage 3: Knight

At 21, the boy was eligible to become a knight. He spent the night before the ceremony... (More)

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JC History

The Plantations in Ireland

Ireland in 1500

King was Lord of Ireland and had little control. The country was divided into 3 areas:

  1. The Pale (English speaking, common law, cattle raids)
  2. The Anglo-Irish lordships (Norman descendants, common law, some Irish customs)
  3. The Gaelic Irish lordships (Brehon law, clan owned tuath, little had changed since Celts)

Henry VIII and Ireland

Henry wanted greater control in Ireland because:

  1. To reduce the power of the Fitzgerald’s of Kildare.
  2. To prevent the French or Spanish from using Catholic Ireland as a base.
  3. To introduce the changes in religion to Ireland.

Garret Óg put in jail. Silken Thomas... (More)