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JC History
JC History

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JC History

How do archaeologists test the evidence they find in excavations?

1. Stratigraphy: The basic idea of stratigraphy is that the oldest layers and finds are at the bottom, and the youngest/latest are at the top.

2. Tree-ring dating or dendrochronology: Each year trees grow a ring of new wood. It is possible to work out when a tree was growing and when it was cut down by studying the rings.

3. Radiocarbon dating: plants and animals take in carbon-14 when they are alive.When they die carbon-14 begins to decay sample such as charcoal, wood, seeds and human and animal bone can be investigated when they are found. The age of... (More)

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JC History

Roman lives.

A patrician - is a wealthy and powerful Roman who lives in Ancient Rome. They controlled the roman Senate.
Domus - the name of the patrician house.
Aqueduct - water system created by the Roman's to transport fresh water to highly populated areas.
Toga - a loose flowing piece of fabric worn by wealthy Roman's under their tunics .
Stola - a long flowing tunic worn by wealthy roman woman.
A plebian - is a poor person who lived in Ancient Rome .
Insulae - a five or six story high apartment block where plebians lives.

Wealthy Roman houses had... (More)

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JC History

The United Irishmen And The 1798 Rebellion

Background and causes

Irish Parliament controlled by Protestant Ascendancy (C of I only 15% and most of the land)
Penal laws left Catholics poor and uneducated.

Tithes still had to be paid.

The influence of the American and French revolutions

The Society of United Irishmen

Wolfe Tone (Dublin, Anglican Trinity barrister admired French Rev)

1791 Tone and Belfast Presbyterians formed the UI

Aim: Catholic and Protestant together would end British interference in Ireland

1793 War with France. British Gov afraid of Ireland. The UI was banned. Now a rebellion and a republic was the only way.

Tone escaped to... (More)